My Favorite Ways to Style A White Tee!!!!

My Favorite Ways to Style A White Tee!!!!

Hi guys!! Today I’m working with Elbie Boutique to show you how I’d style this cute and comfortable white tee with the coolest ruffle sleeves!! This specific top is called the “Oversized Ruffle Sleeve Top“, and I styled it with some of my current favorite jeans and sneakers. Even if you don’t own this specific top, I think these jeans and shoes are really good for styling allllll kinds of white tees.

I’m SO excited because Shop Elbie is being so sweet and giving you guys a coupon code for 10% off your order!!! Just use code KATIE10 at checkout and you’ll get the discount! I’ll be sure to link some other things I have my eye on at the end of this post for y’all to check out!! You can also go to their Instagram page to see more of their cute pieces styled.

Let’s get started.

VSCO Cam-3.jpg

Here’s a better shot of this oversized ruffle sleeve top! The material is extremely soft and super comfortable. I got a size small, my normal size, and I think it fits pretty well. I would say that if you want even more of an oversized look, I’d size up!! I’m also wearing this straight after opening the package, and just a few seconds with a steamer got any wrinkles out very quickly and easily. I use this portable steamer, which is such an essential for any dorm!! 

Look #1

VSCO Cam-1.jpgFor this first look, I wanted to be cute and comfortable. The best part about this tee is that it’s a great basic material and shape, but the sleeves make it unique and pair-able with lots of different pant styles. These are my favorite Free People jeggings, and the bottom hemline is such a great detail. This top goes a little long in the back, making it extra appropriate for leggings or jeggings, which I always reach for when I want to be the most comfortable.

VSCO Cam-2-3.jpgThese sneaker shoes are my current favorite slip on shoes. I found them at Target recently, and I’d say they run a bit big. I sized down from my normal size and they fit perfect! I love the texture from the overlay of fabric and the metallic gold and silver aspects. The white portions also make them extra cute with a white tee, and they’re such an inexpensive way to make an outfit more interesting!

Look #2

VSCO Cam-5-1.jpg I love this next look. The feminine ruffles of the tee really go well with any ripped jeans, and sneakers for me are always a way to dress down a look while still looking cute and staying comfortable.

Since it’s still winter and cold, I reached for my favorite real jeans (not jeggings, haha!) from Abercrombie. These jeans are high rise and fit true to size. They’re full price at $88 right now, but if you keep your eye on them they go on sale every other week. When I got these I got them for $17!!!! These also have a darker wash on the hem and the frayed bottoms, which look really cute with these shoes!!! I don’t think they sell this cutout version of jeans anymore, but I linked the same style and shade with different distressing!

VSCO Cam-6-1.jpgThese Steve Madden slides are one of my favorite shoes that I’ve found!! They’re really comfortable (after you break them in for a couple wears) and go with so many different outfits. I think that these will transition well into the spring and eventually back into the fall season. They’re also really easy to clean. I was nervous about having the white bottoms, but after I wear them I’ll sometimes take a Clorox wipe and get the dirt away and they look good as new!!

There you have it! I was really excited to get this shirt in the mail from Elbie Boutique since I thought it was a great opportunity to share my favorite pairs of jeans and slides. Don’t forget to use the code KATIE10 at checkout to get 10% off your order. They also have super fast and free shipping, so you’ll get your orders ASAP!!!

I also have my eye on this star shirt (I’m obsessed with stars if you haven’t seen my star trend post!!!), this really cute romper, and this classic white envelope skirt!!

What are your tips and tricks for styling white tees? Do you have any favorite accessories? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by.


My Favorite Cute and Comfortable WINTER Class Outfits

My Favorite Cute and Comfortable WINTER Class Outfits

Hi guys!!! I don’t know about y’all, but I personally love being comfortable when going to class. Especially because I have to sometimes walk far to get to them, so my outfits need to be practical and comfortable, but still cute! I’ve found that I’m always reaching for my t-shirts of course, but I wanted to make this post without showing t-shirts as to give everyone a few more ideas and inspiration.

Keep in mind, I do attend Auburn in Alabama, so it doesn’t get extremely cold here. It’s a little chilly, but I never find myself bundling up like some of my friends are at schools a little more up north! So you can of course plan to layer these ideas with your favorite jackets, scarves and boots to make them more applicable to your school’s climate. If you’re interested in seeing more of my dorm, I just did a full post about it you can check out here!

Let’s get started.

VSCO Cam-2.jpg
This is the light blue top color, but I have it in pink, white, dark blue and black!

I have this top from target in four different colors. Yes, FOUR!! This 3/4 sleeve top is the most comfortable non-tshirt top I’ve found! The fit and cut are very flattering, and it comes in a ton of colors. I’ve found that this top is extremely versatile, as I’ve worn it with athletic shorts to class and with jeans out to dinner. I will say it runs a little small. I’m wearing an XL here, but I did want it to be more oversized and flowy. I would recommend sizing up if you want it to have a more flowed or oversized fit!

I love Lululemon, and I really think that their pieces are worth the investment. These patterned crops have been such a staple for me lately. The material is really thin and comfortable, but still keeps you pretty warm! Love the stripes.

During the summer and spring months, I switch out my leggings for Lulu shorts. I know that just this pair of shorts are a little expensive, but they’ll last you forever! I’d also keep an eye on their sale during the changing seasons. They’ll usually have a bunch of pairs of shorts in their “off-season” colors for almost half off! But really, I do wear these shorts in different colors and patterns daily during the warmer weather. They’re worth it!

I wear my sneakers to class every. single. day. I don’t understand how people can walk around campus in cute wedges or boots! I’ve found that these are the most practical shoes to wear day-to-day. I actually found this particular pair at the Nike Outlet, where they always have great shoes for discounted prices, but I linked a pair online that’s also on sale and very similar!!

VSCO Cam-1.jpg
VERY grey outfit hahah! But I wanted to capture both pieces in a picture. I’d usually separate them.

I recently went to Old Navy and found this adorable and comfortable sweatshirt top on SALE! The material is soft, not too thick and very warm! I love the exaggerated neckline of it and the thick part of the sleeve and bottom hemline. It’s really comfortable and practical for class! I’d wear this with leggings like I did here, or with shorts if it was an in-between weather day! I’d say this runs a little small too. I got this in a size L, and it isn’t too oversized, so if you want it to be more loose, I’d get a size up from what you think.

Again, I can’t stress enough the longevity of Lululemon products and how they’re worth every penny! These leggings are SO cute and comfortable for lounging, going to class and working out. I love the crop style, and I have these in a few colors and styles. But, if you don’t want to splurge, I found some leggings at Old Navy that are very similar in feeling and color as another grey pair I own. I tried them on in-store and they’re very good quality for the price! Old Navy is also doing 20% off online purchases, so they’re even cheaper!

VSCO Cam-3.jpg
These are the same striped leggings as before!

This is another cute and comfortable sweatshirt top. I got this one for Christmas (hence why I have two sweatshirts in the same color haha!) and I love the thick ribbon detailing and the zippers on the sides. I also like how it goes down a little lower than a regular sweatshirt. I have a size medium, and I’d say it runs true to size. Because of the length, I’d typically wear this with leggings instead of shorts. It’s on SALE right now and I’m seriously considering getting another color!!

That’s it for my staple pieces I own, but I did some searching and found some things I think are cute and that y’all might be interested in! If you’re somewhere a little colder, I saw this super fuzzy and comfy sweatshirt top at Old Navy the other day. It’s so soft and warm! It’s also 20% off at checkout. I also think that these sweatpants and these joggers (on sale!!!) would be super cute, comfortable and practical. I also have had my eye on these grey Adidas tennies for a while now. They’re so cute and good for working out and going to class!

Feel free to leave a comment down below telling me what you think and if you have anymore comfortable clothing recommendations that are practical for walking to class!! Thanks for stopping by!


My Current Style Favorites: STAR TREND

My Current Style Favorites: STAR TREND

Hi!!! I’ve recently become SO obsessed with the newest star trend. Star sweaters, jewelry, pants and tops have been popping up everywhere and all of it is super cute! I decided to compile a post of all my favorite star pieces, many of which I own and a few I wish I owned! I made sure to find pieces falling into different categories. I have a couple of pieces of jewelry to share, as well as some comfy sweatshirts and some other cute tops!!

I styled all my clothing snapshots with these Free People jeggings and my Steve Madden slides. I also wore my favorite nude lip, MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick with NYX Butter Gloss in Madeline on top. I’m also wearing my favorite Kendra Scott necklace.


VSCO Cam-7.jpgI came across this awesome star sweater randomly at Old Navy a couple of weeks ago. I was so excited that I ended up buying two!! I only photographed the black with gold stars, but I also have the grey and silver one. They are extremely comfortable, and really affordable. They’re on sale right now for $24.97 from their original $34. You can find them here or in any Old Navy store. Here, I’m wearing a size XL because I wanted it oversized (and the sizes at my store were limited!), but I’d say they do run small. For an XL, this fits more like a large. This sweater is perfect for wearing out as a cute outfit, but I’ve also found myself lounging in it with leggings since it’s so comfy!

VSCO Cam-6.jpgI recently found this simple star blouse from Anthropologie. I love the frayed hem at the bottom, and the simple silver stars. The fabric is insanely soft and really comfortable. It was a little bit of a splurge (and part of my Christmas presents!), but I think the quality is worth it. I’d style this casually like I did in the photo with jeggings, or dress it up a bit with some boot cut jeans or with real skinny jeans and boots. You can find this top here, or in stores at Anthro. I’m wearing a small, and I think it fits true to size.

VSCO Cam-4.jpgTarget is a great spot to find casual sweatshirt tops. I’ve purchased SO many recently. They’re all so comfy and affordable! This Grayson and Threads sweatshirt top is so cute and flattering. It’s so simple and looks worn on purpose which makes it super cute. I’d wear this out in a cute outfit, or lounge with shorts or leggings. You can find it in Target stores or here! I also have this other version of this sweatshirt top from Grayson and Threads that has smaller stars all over and is really cute too!


I’ve really been gravitating towards my star jewelry lately! I think that its an easy way to add a little sparkle and pop to your outfit. Forever 21 and Francesca’s have a whoooooole lot more star jewelry options, so if you want even more suggestions you can search ‘star’ in the jewelry category!  VSCO Cam-2.jpgVSCO Cam-5.jpgThese star earrings were actually the first pair of star jewelry I bought! I found them over at Francesca’s over the summer, so I can’t find them anymore, but I linked a similar pair here! These are so fun, and the dangle and length aren’t too crazy. I usually gravitate more towards silver jewelry in general, but the gold on these doesn’t look cheap or inexpensive even though they were cheap!

VSCO Cam-1.jpgI found these simple star earrings at a boutique in Auburn, but I linked some similar ones here from Forever 21. I’m thinking about getting these too since they’re so cute and so inexpensive! I think the simple star hoop goes great with almost anything. Every time I wear these I get so many compliments!

VSCO Cam-3.jpgIf dangle earrings aren’t you’re thing, then star studs are just as cute! I love these. I got this pair for Christmas and I’ve liked how they’re a little more toned down from my large dangle ones! I found a similar pair here from Etsy since I’m not sure where these were from, but I also found a cute smaller set on Forever 21 that would be just as simple and cute!

I’m so glad I got to share my current star obsession over here on the blog. I hope you guys enjoyed! Thanks for stopping by!