My Favorite Things From February

My Favorite Things From February

Hi guys!!! I feel like I haven’t put a post up in a while. School and life have been crazy these past few months, and I haven’t found the time to do a full post! Can anyone else not believe it’s already March?! 2018 is seriously flying by. Once spring break is over summer is going to be here before we know it!!!

Anyhoo, I thought I’d come back with a post that can best sum up this month — a favorites post!!! I’ve compiled my favorite beauty, skincare and all the other random things from the month of February, and thought I’d share. As always, all of the product links are clickable if you want to get more information or purchase. Let’s get started.


Processed with VSCO with a5 presetThis month I haven’t switched up much in my makeup routine. If I was wearing makeup, it was with my go-to five minute makeup products (that are allll explained in this post!!).  That being said, there were a couple of things I felt like I reached for more, or were the first few things I’ve been reaching for!

VSCO Cam-5.jpgI’ve talked about this Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer a million and one times, but its coverage and brightening qualities just make it so good!!! I use this all on my blemishes and underneath my eyes. It’s come in handy this week when my under eye circles have been extra dark! I have it in the shade buff chamois. It’s really affordable, and worth every penny!

VSCO Cam-3.jpgI have added this Benefit High Beam into my makeup routine recently. I have the teeny tiny bottle version (for half the price!) and have loved using it! I recently realized that powder highlights for me are a little harder to blend, so I went back to this old favorite. It’s a liquid highlighter with a super easy to apply brush applicator that blends reallllly easily to make your glow look effortless. This baby size will last me forever, because a little goes a long way!!

VSCO Cam-4.jpgThis month I’ve been reaching for my NYX Butter Gloss in the shade “Madeline” more than any other lip product!!! This is the perfect nude gloss. It goes well over any lipstick or lipliner, but it’s also really pretty on its own. I like this shade specifically because it isn’t too bold, but still gives your lips color and a shiny overcoat. These butter glosses are so creamy and they taste really good!! They have a million and one shades if you want to see their whole collection here.

VSCO Cam-7.jpgThis month I finally caved and tried out Real Techniques brushes and their beauty sponge. I’ve had my Sigma brush set for years and haven’t ever needed to get new ones! But I’ve heard so much about the RT ones I had to try them out… in mini form! These mini brushes are half the price, so it was easy to try it out. I use the pink mini one for my bronzer and the orange mini one to buff in my concealer and sometimes for my face powder in concentrated areas. They’re both SO soft and are really good quality. If you’ve been thinking about trying them, I definitely recommend!!! The beauty sponge is really sponge-like (haha) and expands to be about twice its dry size when I get it damp! It blends in my concealer and other face makeup really effortlessly, and has helped my makeup look more natural!!! I used to use random sponges from TJ Maxx, but they never expanded or blended as well as this one. It’s worth the higher price tag!VSCO Cam-2.jpg


VSCO Cam-8.jpgI usually keep my skincare relatively simple, and don’t change up many products since I know my skin can be sensitive! But I’ve found some good things this month that have helped my skincare routine!!!

Let’s be real for a second. Taking off your makeup is the worst. It always is! Between pulling at your eyes and skin to get off harder to remove makeup and the oily residue that comes from most liquid removers or even the burning that comes from wipes, it’s the worst. BUT, I’ve found a new makeup remover that’s made the process less miserable!!

VSCO Cam-10.jpgThis Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is a really good product that both removes your makeup and cleans your face at the same time! I’ve been using this by applying it to a cotton round or two and gently removing my makeup. I’ve found that if you press on your eye for a few seconds then move away the cotton round, it makes the process a little faster and more gentle! The best part for me is that this doesn’t burn your eyes or face and it doesn’t leave any oily residue but rather makes your face feel really clean afterwards!! I had this in a small size at the beginning of the month but repurchased in the normal size after I ran out. I really recommend trying this out if you’re in the market for a makeup remover!!

VSCO Cam-9.jpgI got this Mario Badescu facial spray for Christmas but didn’t start using it regularly until this month! This is a really refreshing product that leaves your skin feeling clean, but also can set your makeup and help it last longer. I’ve been using this after I remove my makeup, or after I wash my face the most frequently. But, if I’m ever feeling extra tired, I use a couple sprays and it wakes me up!!! Like I mentioned before, I’ve also been spraying it on after I do my makeup to create a more dewy finish that helps makeup last longer.



Does anyone else watch “This is Us”? I’ve been watching all month, and there were some really good episodes throughout February!! Between the Super Bowl episode and all the ones that came after, the plot line is really picking up. If you don’t watch it, but love a good heartwarming family show, I definitely recommend it!! I watch this on Hulu.

VSCO Cam-1-1.jpgI was also really excited this month because “UnReal” came back on!!! I have loved this show for its past two seasons, and season three premiered at the end of February!! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a behind the scenes fictional show based around the Bachelor / Bachelorette franchise. It was started by an ex-producer of the show, so it’s really interesting to think if thats what’s really going on! This is a combination of drama, comedy and a very interesting plot that thickens with each episode. I watch it either on iTunes or online on Lifetime!

This next one is very random, but I’ve been loving “The Kitchen” on the Food Network. I only watch this one live, but in the mornings it’s almost always on! I usually have my TV on Food Network or E! so I usually catch it. It’s something that makes me laugh in the mornings, since some of the recipes aren’t so good, but also is just a good atmosphere and makes your day a little brighter. If you haven’t seen it, you should try to catch it one morning to see what you think.


I’ve been going to Starbucks an obscene amount lately, and the warmer weather has got me ordering my favorite summer drink! A Venti Cool Lime Refresher is (believe it or not) really refreshing and hydrating, and is a lot lighter than a normal iced coffee. It also gives me an energy boost and is really yummy!!! I haven’t had one in a couple days though since it’s gotten a little cold again.

VSCO Cam-1-2.jpg
My mom loves it too!! Haha, she sent me this picture a couple weeks ago while she was experimenting with different flavors.

With the obsession over “This is Us” I’ve also developed a love for Halo Top ice cream, as that’s been my go to snack while watching the episodes!!! It’s soooo yummy. I get it from Kroger, but they sell it at any grocery store. My personal favorite flavors are either oatmeal cookie, vanilla bean or cookies and cream. The best part? They’re healthy! Woo hoo!


This month I was able to get back into a workout regimen, and have been LOVING Orange Theory. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a 60 minute workout that’s all about you and your heart rate. You wear a heart rate monitor in class and you can see the percentage of your maximum heartbeat on screen to motivate you and help you see how hard you’re working! They have locations alll over the country, and your first class is always free. I highly recommend trying it out! You can find your local Orange Theory here.

There you have it!! February was a super quick month, but I think I was able to accurately capture my favorites!!

What were your must have things from the month of February?! What are your spring break plans? Be sure to let me know in the comments. Thanks for stopping by!


MY Favorite Things to Watch on Netflix!!

MY Favorite Things to Watch on Netflix!!

Hi everyone! I know that a big part of college for a lot of students is Netflix. If you aren’t sure what Netflix is, it’s a streaming service that provides thousands of TV Shows and Movie titles. If you asked any of my friends, they’d tell you I’m a Netflix expert, so I thought I’d share my 10 favorite TV Shows and my 10 Favorite Movies available to stream on Netflix US.

Throughout this post, you’ll find direct links to the separate shows and movies, as well as a couple photos of some of my favorite blankets, slippers and mugs to make these picks even more enjoyable!!

Please leave a comment down below with your favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix, I’m always looking for new ideas! Let’s get started.


TV Shows

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
This blue blanket is my favorite!!! I love the fringe, and it’s on SALE!! I also love this grey one from Target. So big and comfortable!

1. “Parks and Recreation”

Parks is one of my absolute favorite shows of all time!!! I know so many people have watched it, but I would’ve felt remiss if I didn’t include it on this lineup. It follows the stories and adventures of Leslie Knope and the rest of the Parks Department of Pawnee, Indiana. I’d recommend trying this show out to anyone. But, I do recommend maybe watching the first episode of season one and then skipping to season two. I did this when I first watched, and it really helped me since the first season doesn’t compare to the rest! It’s funny. It’s heartwarming. It’s the best!

2. “Grey’s Anatomy”

Grey’s had to make the list! If you haven’t given into the hype about this show yet, you’re missing out. I haven’t really kept up with the recent episodes, but that’s because I think that the Netflix episodes (aka alllll the earlier seasons!) are the best! I love following these surgeons and their love lives and personal traumas. It’ll get you hooked immediately! It’s one of the best out there.

3. “The Office”

This is another given! The Office is one of the best shows on television. But, I will say it takes a certain sense of humor. If you haven’t seen this or Parks, I’d recommend watching Parks first and then the Office. That helps your humor get used to the dryness that is found within the Office! Steve Carell is the best, and I personally didn’t watch much after he left the show, but I’ve seen every episode he’s in over 5 or 6 times! They’re all just so good!

4. “The People v. OJ Simpson”

This OJ Simpson American Crime Story is one of the best things I’ve found on Netflix to date. It’s very interesting, informative and really gives insight to the OJ trial. I really like how it’s not just a documentary with different narrators or other investigators, but rather acted out with different actors and actresses fully reenacting every scene from start to finish. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the OJ trial, I’d definitely recommend this documentary-series.

5. “The Great British Baking Show”

Two of my friends Ally & Claire introduced me to this baking show, and I’ve loved watching it! I remember the days when “Chopped” and other Food Network hits were on Netflix, but unfortunately those are gone so I’ve started watching this! I love watching random episodes here and there whenever I’m in the mood for a feel-good show that I don’t have to pay attention to very much. I love this fun show!

6. “Santa Clarita Diet”

This is another really light-hearted, comedy show. I’ll be the first one to say it, the acting is a littlllllllle cheeeeesy but in a good way!! I love Drew Barrymore and she did a really good job in this series. It’s about a seemingly normal suburban family who’s mother actually can only eat humans for nutrition. It’s funny and it’s one of those shows you’ll watch in just a couple days! I wish there were more episodes.

7. “Hart of Dixie”

I LOVE “Hart of Dixie.” It’s such a good show that follows a New York surgeon down to the boondocks of southern Alabama where she works at a general practice family office. It’s such a heartwarming show, and every episode makes you smile while still leaving you wanting to know what happens next. I will say too that the series finale of this series is one of the best one’s I’ve seen. It’s amazing!

8. “Riverdale”

“Riverdale” is a really good mystery show, that again, I’ll admit has a littlleee bit of cheesy acting. But, it’s still SO GOOD!! This is one of those shows you’ll watch so quick because you’ll be hooked. It follows a very intriguing mystery that clouds the town of Riverdale among a group of high school students. This is another one that has a current season going on right now, but I’m waiting for the Netflix episodes that I can binge watch!

9. “Criminal Minds”

“Criminal Minds” is one of my favorite shows of all time. My mom used to watch this so I was intrigued from the beginning, and have gone back and rewatched so many of the episodes in order a couple times! Its a crime TV show that follows the FBI profiling unit across the country solving serial killer murders. It’s a show I might have to follow with an episode of “Parks” if I’m watching before bed, but it’s still one to definitely check out!

10. “The Crown”

My bestie Savannah and her mom recommended this show to me, and I’ve loved watching it! It’s a Netflix original series that follows the beginnings of Queen Elizabeth’s reign and how she came to be Queen. What’s really interesting about this show is that with every subsequent season they’ll be tracking a new period of her life and reign with new actors showing their aging all the way up to present time. I can’t wait for those newer ones!


VSCO Cam-2-2.jpg
These are my favorite slippers from Pottery Barn!! They’re so comfortable and are on SALE!!

1. “Miss. Congeniality” (1 & 2)

I recently stumbled back upon this movie sequence and was reminded of how good they are! I’m sure everyone’s seen this movie, but if you haven’t seen it in a while I recommend going back and watching them again because watching Sandra Bullock as an undercover FBI agent during a Miss. America pageant never gets old! WOW! I just watched this on Netflix last month and they’re gone! I’m sorry! 

2. “Sing”

I felt obligated to include a couple of my favorite kids movies in this list! My friends would all tell you that I’m always a fan of kids cartoons. They’re so good, and “Sing” is definitely one of the best! I love the ups and downs that this movie takes you through and allllll of the songs and the cute little animated animals. It’s really entertaining!

3. “Moana”

This Disney princess movie is one of my favorites on Netflix. I’ve seen it so many times, and it only gets better! The empowering story of Moana full of songs and joy is a great one to watch when you need a mood booster. I love Dwayne Johnson’s renditions of allll the original songs and the storyline!!! I’d recommend this to anyone who wants a good, happy movie, or if you’re a babysitter, all kids love it too!

4. “Blackfish”

This documentary is the best documentary I have ever seen. I remember the first time I watched it, it was 2 a.m. and I immediately felt empowered and wanted to make a change. This documentary follows the controversy surrounding SeaWorld and their killer whales. I really think this documentary is both informative and still intriguing, as they have so many old trainers from SeaWorld who share behind the scenes stories of the treatment of the whales. It’s a must-watch!

5. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”

This movie is a classic one, and is definitely my favorite romantic comedy. I love the funny and light-hearted vibe between both Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, and the whole movie is just the sweetest!!! If you haven’t seen this one, you should run to watch!

6. “Masterminds”

I’m a huge fan of movies that make me laugh, no matter how some may think they’re dumb. “Masterminds” for me is one that makes me laugh SO hard, but my other friends thought was a little dumb haha. But I think it’s really good, I love Zach Galifianakis and he never fails to put a smile on my face! It follows the true story of one of the biggest bank heists in America’s history. The story is really cool, and the comedy rendition is spot on.

7. “Mascots”

This one is a little random, but I’m a huge fan of mockumentaries. That is, a comedy movie that’s a fake documentary. “Popstar” staring Andy Samburg is one of the more famous mockumentaries and one of my favorite movies of all time!! But “Mascots” is a movie that follows a bunch of different mascots as they travel to a mascot competition. The humor is definitely a little dry, but it’s still really funny and has a good storyline.

8. “Wedding Crashers”

This movie to me is another classic comedy, that’s a great movie to have on Netflix! Vince Vaughn is one of my favorite actors, and this is one of his best movies! This movie follows two friends who think they know the best way to get girls — spoiler alert it’s by crashing weddings. It’s a must watch!

9. “A Christmas Prince”

This is probably the most random pick on this list, but I watched this over the holiday season and loved it! It’s again full of ~cheesy~ acting, but the storyline is just too good! It follows a New York journalist who finds herself in this random country engulfed in alllll the Royal drama in a very unique way. The storyline is so heart-warming, and it’s a great reminder that even though it’s January, the holidays are (sort-of) right around the corner!

10. “Good Kids” 

This is another really good heartwarming movie. My friend Grant recommended this to me, and I came out of watching it in the best mood ever! It follows some really hard working high school grads who want to let loose before they head to their first semester in college. It’s a great comedy that takes you through the mindsets of some very book-smart kids navigating the world of street-smarts. Highly recommend!

VSCO Cam-3-2.jpg
Who doesn’t love Netflix with hot cocoa?? This mug is my favorite. It’s from TJ Maxx!


Well, there you have it, my 10 favorite Netflix TV shows and movies! I loved making this post and got the urge to rewatch every. single. item. on this list! I could’ve gone on and on with some more favorites, but these are the cream of the crop. If you guys want me to do another post like this, definitely let me know! I have some favorites too on Hulu and other streaming channels!

I hope you guys liked how I included some of my favorite comfy things throughout the post. I also just posted my current favorite comfy outfit (which includes the slippers!) at the bottom of my 5 minute makeup routine post if you’re interested! 

What are your favorite Netflix TV shows and movies? Be sure to let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by!


My Favorite Cute and Comfortable WINTER Class Outfits

My Favorite Cute and Comfortable WINTER Class Outfits

Hi guys!!! I don’t know about y’all, but I personally love being comfortable when going to class. Especially because I have to sometimes walk far to get to them, so my outfits need to be practical and comfortable, but still cute! I’ve found that I’m always reaching for my t-shirts of course, but I wanted to make this post without showing t-shirts as to give everyone a few more ideas and inspiration.

Keep in mind, I do attend Auburn in Alabama, so it doesn’t get extremely cold here. It’s a little chilly, but I never find myself bundling up like some of my friends are at schools a little more up north! So you can of course plan to layer these ideas with your favorite jackets, scarves and boots to make them more applicable to your school’s climate. If you’re interested in seeing more of my dorm, I just did a full post about it you can check out here!

Let’s get started.

VSCO Cam-2.jpg
This is the light blue top color, but I have it in pink, white, dark blue and black!

I have this top from target in four different colors. Yes, FOUR!! This 3/4 sleeve top is the most comfortable non-tshirt top I’ve found! The fit and cut are very flattering, and it comes in a ton of colors. I’ve found that this top is extremely versatile, as I’ve worn it with athletic shorts to class and with jeans out to dinner. I will say it runs a little small. I’m wearing an XL here, but I did want it to be more oversized and flowy. I would recommend sizing up if you want it to have a more flowed or oversized fit!

I love Lululemon, and I really think that their pieces are worth the investment. These patterned crops have been such a staple for me lately. The material is really thin and comfortable, but still keeps you pretty warm! Love the stripes.

During the summer and spring months, I switch out my leggings for Lulu shorts. I know that just this pair of shorts are a little expensive, but they’ll last you forever! I’d also keep an eye on their sale during the changing seasons. They’ll usually have a bunch of pairs of shorts in their “off-season” colors for almost half off! But really, I do wear these shorts in different colors and patterns daily during the warmer weather. They’re worth it!

I wear my sneakers to class every. single. day. I don’t understand how people can walk around campus in cute wedges or boots! I’ve found that these are the most practical shoes to wear day-to-day. I actually found this particular pair at the Nike Outlet, where they always have great shoes for discounted prices, but I linked a pair online that’s also on sale and very similar!!

VSCO Cam-1.jpg
VERY grey outfit hahah! But I wanted to capture both pieces in a picture. I’d usually separate them.

I recently went to Old Navy and found this adorable and comfortable sweatshirt top on SALE! The material is soft, not too thick and very warm! I love the exaggerated neckline of it and the thick part of the sleeve and bottom hemline. It’s really comfortable and practical for class! I’d wear this with leggings like I did here, or with shorts if it was an in-between weather day! I’d say this runs a little small too. I got this in a size L, and it isn’t too oversized, so if you want it to be more loose, I’d get a size up from what you think.

Again, I can’t stress enough the longevity of Lululemon products and how they’re worth every penny! These leggings are SO cute and comfortable for lounging, going to class and working out. I love the crop style, and I have these in a few colors and styles. But, if you don’t want to splurge, I found some leggings at Old Navy that are very similar in feeling and color as another grey pair I own. I tried them on in-store and they’re very good quality for the price! Old Navy is also doing 20% off online purchases, so they’re even cheaper!

VSCO Cam-3.jpg
These are the same striped leggings as before!

This is another cute and comfortable sweatshirt top. I got this one for Christmas (hence why I have two sweatshirts in the same color haha!) and I love the thick ribbon detailing and the zippers on the sides. I also like how it goes down a little lower than a regular sweatshirt. I have a size medium, and I’d say it runs true to size. Because of the length, I’d typically wear this with leggings instead of shorts. It’s on SALE right now and I’m seriously considering getting another color!!

That’s it for my staple pieces I own, but I did some searching and found some things I think are cute and that y’all might be interested in! If you’re somewhere a little colder, I saw this super fuzzy and comfy sweatshirt top at Old Navy the other day. It’s so soft and warm! It’s also 20% off at checkout. I also think that these sweatpants and these joggers (on sale!!!) would be super cute, comfortable and practical. I also have had my eye on these grey Adidas tennies for a while now. They’re so cute and good for working out and going to class!

Feel free to leave a comment down below telling me what you think and if you have anymore comfortable clothing recommendations that are practical for walking to class!! Thanks for stopping by!


Dorm Decor: My Dorm & My Favorites!

Dorm Decor: My Dorm & My Favorites!

Hi, everyone!! I promised in my first semester overview post that I would do a more in-depth segment on my dorm decor. I decorated my dorm with a navy and white theme, and focused a lot on cute storage to make the space as effective as it is pretty. In my dorm at Auburn, every room has a different colored wall, differing from shades of blue, teal and purples. Luckily, my teal wall actually ended up working well with my blue and navy theme! I really like how it accents everything.

In this post I’m going to go through snapshots of my dorm and highlighting my favorite parts and tips for creating cute storage that is both functional and good to look at. SO many of my dorm pieces are from TJ Maxx or from the dollar spot from Target, so they can’t be linked or guaranteed, but I still wanted to share to show that you can find really affordable and cute decor there. For the sake of my roommate’s privacy, her side of the room won’t be featured, so you’re only seeing my portion! Also, all product names are clickable if you want more information. Let’s get started.


Processed with VSCO with a5 presetAs someone who practically lives in their bed between doing homework and watching Netflix, I had to make sure that mine was as comfortable and as cute as possible. My headboard and its pattern inspired the color scheme of my decor after I got it as a grad gift. My bestie Savannah and I have the same one, even though we’re at different campuses!! I ended up buying matching pillows from the same website to make sure that the navy color was the same tone. The big tan ones with the navy trim are super comfortable and I have the navy with white trim accent pillow which is a good pop of color against the white comforter. The blue and white striped pillow was a random find, but really adds to the bed!VSCO Cam-3-2.jpg

My comforter cover is from Pottery Barn, and I have the matching sham. To be honest though, I wouldn’t recommend getting a comforter with a cover over top of it. I’d rather have a pre-sold comforter with a pattern overlay, or the comforter on its own with a quilt. The cover and comforter often lose their alignment and make the blanket uneven, and is really difficult to put back on. It also gets dirty quickly but is hard to clean. But, this cover is really soft and cute. But, I do LOVE this throw blanket from Nordstrom. I picked it up during the anniversary sale for cheaper. If you’re interested, I’d wait until the next sale if you want a deal!

These bedskirts are a must-have. It completely covers alllllll of the junk-y looking drawers and fridge underneath. With these, it makes the room look a lot less cluttered, and definitely less dorm-like, which is the goal!


VSCO Cam-4-1.jpgI wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my wall space until I moved in. I was lucky in that my assigned side had a full wall to decorate, and I decided to do a photo wall. I just got a bunch of pictures printed and used photo mount double sided tape to hang them in an interesting pattern. The “And so the Adventure begins” sign was a TJ Maxx find. Even though you may not be able to find the same one at your local location, TJ’s is a great place for unique and cute wall decor! I also got the key holder piece from there. I love this for keeping track of my keys and jackets! My best friend made the awesome shadowbox collage on the end of the wall. It’s the best and is so sweet!

IMG_5016.JPGI also had a little wall space next to my closet, which I deemed my “gallery wall”. Here I have a sorority sign from my Mom, and a separate print from my hometown. The frame is from TJ Maxx though! This little over-crowded cork board is from the dollar spot at Target. I love the white trim and its been a great place for little notes and cards. The bottom painting was a grad gift from one of my very artistic friends!


VSCO Cam-2-2.jpgI love how my desk area turned out. I bought this shelf from someone who had used it before me, and I like the shape and shelving. All of the black and white signs as well as the wooden K and “you got this” are from TJ Maxx. That’s always been my go to location for inspirational signs! They’re always SO good! The “you go girl” sign actually lights up and is from Target (I couldn’t find them online, but you can try stores!). I also put another one of those square cork boards from the dollar spot on the wall. All of the picture frames are also (you guessed it!) from TJ Maxx. The “class of 2017” and small “Virginia” ones were grad gifts.

VSCO Cam-5-1.jpgThe huuuuuge wooden Virginia sign is from Etsy. I LOVE it! My mom found it and the company makes all 50 states! I love the texture and the size. It is really heavy though, so I couldn’t hang it with command strips but it works well on this desk shelf!

My lamp and the small blue bins were from target also. I found the link to the lamp base (I just put a white simple shade on top) and it’s on SALE! It’s the perfect size and provides a good amount of light. I love having that small mirror from TJ’s for doing my makeup. I have a triple pencil cup that I also use as makeup brush storage from Target. I just recently got that white bin from TJ Maxx since I always had a pile of stuff accumulating on the side of my desk. This way when I need more space its easy to move, and it looks a little cuter than a random pile of stuff! But, more on storage in the next section. 🙂

My seat cushion was another really sweet gift. They found the same pattern as my headboard and had it custom made!! It’s so cute, and really nice to have. Without it these seats are so uncomfortable!


VSCO Cam-2-3.jpgStorage is a very important part of dorm decor, and I think I’ve found a huge tip to help: BINS, BINS, BINS!!! Before going to school, I had SO many bins from TJ Maxx and Target. My mom told me I was never going to use all of them, but I did and they help me stay really organized! I use bins in my messy and not pictured closet for my hair tool, shoe and towel storage. I also use bins under my bed for different sweat shirts and cleaning supplies.

I love having a bin that I use for k-cup storage underneath my coffee maker. That was a great TJ Maxx find! I also love having this desk bin. That’s made my desk feel a lot less cluttered. I also have a two bin-fitting piece of furniture from Target. Here, I keep my sweatshirts and my cleaning supplies.

I also have three drawer bins from Sam’s Club (but you can find these anywhere) where I keep the majority of my snacks and other housekeeping things. These are really great, and they hold a bunch of stuff. I was lucky with my dorm to get a huge five drawer dresser that holds a lot of clothing, so I didn’t need these for clothes but I know a lot of girls who do!VSCO Cam-1-3.jpg

I tried to link as many things I could for you guys in case you were interested, but SO many of them were gone or from TJ Maxx! My rug is from Amazon and is the softest and most comfy rug ever! It also comes in a bunch of colors. I always find myself sitting on the floor and doing homework since it’s really cozy.

If you want me to try to find a link for something similar to a product that isn’t linkable, feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll be SO glad to help! Also, comment down below and let me know what your favorite piece of dorm (or regular room!) decor is. I’m always looking for new ideas! Thanks for stopping by!


My First Semester: an Overview

My First Semester: an Overview

Hi!! If you read my “About Me” page on my site, then you already know that I’m a freshman at Auburn University (if not, you can check out that page here!). I really want to make this blog, Katie Georges, a place where I’m able to share my own college experiences in hopes of helping other people who may be going through similar things, and create a community where we can all freely share; therefore, I’ve deiced to share an overview of my first semester.

As an out of state student (originally from Virginia), I knew I was going to face challenges of homesickness and be forced to make new friends in a place where I had none. I was actually the only person from my small, private high school to attend Auburn, and one of two from my area, so I was really going in on my own.

Sneak peek of my dorm!!!! I’m planning to do a full dorm post when I get back to school!!!

I connected with a girl through mutual friends to be roommates, but since I decided to go to Auburn so late and submitted housing forms wayyyy past when everyone else did, we got split up and I got placed with a random roommate (I did make plans to later switch to be with my original request). Let me preface by saying that I know many people have random roommates and they work out just fine and are livable, but for me, this girl was not a good fit. I was in an upperclassman dorm, so she was a year older and had a boyfriend who turned into her fiancé two weeks into the semester. After visits every few days (I’ll spare you of the details), and some really awkward encounters and conversations, she eventually moved out to be with him and left Auburn. Soon after, the girl I was originally supposed to be with bailed, and I was stuck alone for the first semester of my freshman year.

SO many people tell me how lucky I was, which I agreed with most of the time. But, when  you’re coming from out of state not knowing anyone, it can be difficult to not have a roommate who is usually your first friend and go to for dinner dates and Target runs. I struggled with being alone a lot, but I was lucky to find two of the best friends I’ve made in college so far living down the hall. Ally & Claire are two of the nicest people I know and really made my experience so much better.

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Go KD!!!! Me and another girl in my sorority from my hometown. You can find my sunglasses here.

I also rushed at the beginning of the fall semester. I’m planning to do a whoooooole post on my recruitment experience, advice and outfit ideas, but I ended up receiving and accepting a bid from Kappa Delta, which was really exciting! Bid day was definitely a highlight of my experience, and I would highly recommend going through recruitment if you’re on the fence! Joining a sorority helped the huge campus at Auburn feel a lot smaller, and allowed me to meet some really great girls I wouldn’t have met before. But, at the same time, there weren’t many girls from out of state in my pledge class and many people tended to hangout with people from their hometown (which I would’ve done if I went somewhere close to home), so making friends didn’t come as easy as I expected it to.

Academically, I made sure to take an easy schedule my first semester, since I knew I would be busy adjusting and trying to be social and didn’t want to be too stressed out with school at the same time. I actually ended up in bowling class which was SO much fun!!! My team ended up being first place!!! But otherwise, college tests are definitely different than high school ones, in terms of material, length, and weight. I’m hoping to eventually do a study tips post or one more focused on how to adapt to college level exams.

To be completely honest, I’m going into my second semester with hope, nerves and anxiety. I really hope that these next few months are full of fun and friendships, and are more enjoyable than my first four. I’m extremely nervous and anxious. As I type, my newest random roommate is moving her stuff into the dorm, and doesn’t seem to have plans on moving out like my prior one. I just know how hard being so far away is now, and I’m hoping my lows get smaller and my highs get higher. But, at the same time, I’m trying to be positive, and any positive energy is greatly appreciated!

I’m looking forward to focusing a lot of my energy towards my site and building it to be a positive and fun space. Stay tuned!


A couple of my sorority sisters and I at formal. My dress is olllldddd from Nordstrom.