My Favorite Things From February

Hi guys!!! I feel like I haven’t put a post up in a while. School and life have been crazy these past few months, and I haven’t found the time to do a full post! Can anyone else not believe it’s already March?! 2018 is seriously flying by. Once spring break is over summer is going to be here before we know it!!!

Anyhoo, I thought I’d come back with a post that can best sum up this month — a favorites post!!! I’ve compiled my favorite beauty, skincare and all the other random things from the month of February, and thought I’d share. As always, all of the product links are clickable if you want to get more information or purchase. Let’s get started.


Processed with VSCO with a5 presetThis month I haven’t switched up much in my makeup routine. If I was wearing makeup, it was with my go-to five minute makeup products (that are allll explained in this post!!).  That being said, there were a couple of things I felt like I reached for more, or were the first few things I’ve been reaching for!

VSCO Cam-5.jpgI’ve talked about this Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer a million and one times, but its coverage and brightening qualities just make it so good!!! I use this all on my blemishes and underneath my eyes. It’s come in handy this week when my under eye circles have been extra dark! I have it in the shade buff chamois. It’s really affordable, and worth every penny!

VSCO Cam-3.jpgI have added this Benefit High Beam into my makeup routine recently. I have the teeny tiny bottle version (for half the price!) and have loved using it! I recently realized that powder highlights for me are a little harder to blend, so I went back to this old favorite. It’s a liquid highlighter with a super easy to apply brush applicator that blends reallllly easily to make your glow look effortless. This baby size will last me forever, because a little goes a long way!!

VSCO Cam-4.jpgThis month I’ve been reaching for my NYX Butter Gloss in the shade “Madeline” more than any other lip product!!! This is the perfect nude gloss. It goes well over any lipstick or lipliner, but it’s also really pretty on its own. I like this shade specifically because it isn’t too bold, but still gives your lips color and a shiny overcoat. These butter glosses are so creamy and they taste really good!! They have a million and one shades if you want to see their whole collection here.

VSCO Cam-7.jpgThis month I finally caved and tried out Real Techniques brushes and their beauty sponge. I’ve had my Sigma brush set for years and haven’t ever needed to get new ones! But I’ve heard so much about the RT ones I had to try them out… in mini form! These mini brushes are half the price, so it was easy to try it out. I use the pink mini one for my bronzer and the orange mini one to buff in my concealer and sometimes for my face powder in concentrated areas. They’re both SO soft and are really good quality. If you’ve been thinking about trying them, I definitely recommend!!! The beauty sponge is really sponge-like (haha) and expands to be about twice its dry size when I get it damp! It blends in my concealer and other face makeup really effortlessly, and has helped my makeup look more natural!!! I used to use random sponges from TJ Maxx, but they never expanded or blended as well as this one. It’s worth the higher price tag!VSCO Cam-2.jpg


VSCO Cam-8.jpgI usually keep my skincare relatively simple, and don’t change up many products since I know my skin can be sensitive! But I’ve found some good things this month that have helped my skincare routine!!!

Let’s be real for a second. Taking off your makeup is the worst. It always is! Between pulling at your eyes and skin to get off harder to remove makeup and the oily residue that comes from most liquid removers or even the burning that comes from wipes, it’s the worst. BUT, I’ve found a new makeup remover that’s made the process less miserable!!

VSCO Cam-10.jpgThis Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is a really good product that both removes your makeup and cleans your face at the same time! I’ve been using this by applying it to a cotton round or two and gently removing my makeup. I’ve found that if you press on your eye for a few seconds then move away the cotton round, it makes the process a little faster and more gentle! The best part for me is that this doesn’t burn your eyes or face and it doesn’t leave any oily residue but rather makes your face feel really clean afterwards!! I had this in a small size at the beginning of the month but repurchased in the normal size after I ran out. I really recommend trying this out if you’re in the market for a makeup remover!!

VSCO Cam-9.jpgI got this Mario Badescu facial spray for Christmas but didn’t start using it regularly until this month! This is a really refreshing product that leaves your skin feeling clean, but also can set your makeup and help it last longer. I’ve been using this after I remove my makeup, or after I wash my face the most frequently. But, if I’m ever feeling extra tired, I use a couple sprays and it wakes me up!!! Like I mentioned before, I’ve also been spraying it on after I do my makeup to create a more dewy finish that helps makeup last longer.



Does anyone else watch “This is Us”? I’ve been watching all month, and there were some really good episodes throughout February!! Between the Super Bowl episode and all the ones that came after, the plot line is really picking up. If you don’t watch it, but love a good heartwarming family show, I definitely recommend it!! I watch this on Hulu.

VSCO Cam-1-1.jpgI was also really excited this month because “UnReal” came back on!!! I have loved this show for its past two seasons, and season three premiered at the end of February!! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a behind the scenes fictional show based around the Bachelor / Bachelorette franchise. It was started by an ex-producer of the show, so it’s really interesting to think if thats what’s really going on! This is a combination of drama, comedy and a very interesting plot that thickens with each episode. I watch it either on iTunes or online on Lifetime!

This next one is very random, but I’ve been loving “The Kitchen” on the Food Network. I only watch this one live, but in the mornings it’s almost always on! I usually have my TV on Food Network or E! so I usually catch it. It’s something that makes me laugh in the mornings, since some of the recipes aren’t so good, but also is just a good atmosphere and makes your day a little brighter. If you haven’t seen it, you should try to catch it one morning to see what you think.


I’ve been going to Starbucks an obscene amount lately, and the warmer weather has got me ordering my favorite summer drink! A Venti Cool Lime Refresher is (believe it or not) really refreshing and hydrating, and is a lot lighter than a normal iced coffee. It also gives me an energy boost and is really yummy!!! I haven’t had one in a couple days though since it’s gotten a little cold again.

VSCO Cam-1-2.jpg
My mom loves it too!! Haha, she sent me this picture a couple weeks ago while she was experimenting with different flavors.

With the obsession over “This is Us” I’ve also developed a love for Halo Top ice cream, as that’s been my go to snack while watching the episodes!!! It’s soooo yummy. I get it from Kroger, but they sell it at any grocery store. My personal favorite flavors are either oatmeal cookie, vanilla bean or cookies and cream. The best part? They’re healthy! Woo hoo!


This month I was able to get back into a workout regimen, and have been LOVING Orange Theory. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a 60 minute workout that’s all about you and your heart rate. You wear a heart rate monitor in class and you can see the percentage of your maximum heartbeat on screen to motivate you and help you see how hard you’re working! They have locations alll over the country, and your first class is always free. I highly recommend trying it out! You can find your local Orange Theory here.

There you have it!! February was a super quick month, but I think I was able to accurately capture my favorites!!

What were your must have things from the month of February?! What are your spring break plans? Be sure to let me know in the comments. Thanks for stopping by!


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