Dorm Decor: My Dorm & My Favorites!

Hi, everyone!! I promised in my first semester overview post that I would do a more in-depth segment on my dorm decor. I decorated my dorm with a navy and white theme, and focused a lot on cute storage to make the space as effective as it is pretty. In my dorm at Auburn, every room has a different colored wall, differing from shades of blue, teal and purples. Luckily, my teal wall actually ended up working well with my blue and navy theme! I really like how it accents everything.

In this post I’m going to go through snapshots of my dorm and highlighting my favorite parts and tips for creating cute storage that is both functional and good to look at. SO many of my dorm pieces are from TJ Maxx or from the dollar spot from Target, so they can’t be linked or guaranteed, but I still wanted to share to show that you can find really affordable and cute decor there. For the sake of my roommate’s privacy, her side of the room won’t be featured, so you’re only seeing my portion! Also, all product names are clickable if you want more information. Let’s get started.


Processed with VSCO with a5 presetAs someone who practically lives in their bed between doing homework and watching Netflix, I had to make sure that mine was as comfortable and as cute as possible. My headboard and its pattern inspired the color scheme of my decor after I got it as a grad gift. My bestie Savannah and I have the same one, even though we’re at different campuses!! I ended up buying matching pillows from the same website to make sure that the navy color was the same tone. The big tan ones with the navy trim are super comfortable and I have the navy with white trim accent pillow which is a good pop of color against the white comforter. The blue and white striped pillow was a random find, but really adds to the bed!VSCO Cam-3-2.jpg

My comforter cover is from Pottery Barn, and I have the matching sham. To be honest though, I wouldn’t recommend getting a comforter with a cover over top of it. I’d rather have a pre-sold comforter with a pattern overlay, or the comforter on its own with a quilt. The cover and comforter often lose their alignment and make the blanket uneven, and is really difficult to put back on. It also gets dirty quickly but is hard to clean. But, this cover is really soft and cute. But, I do LOVE this throw blanket from Nordstrom. I picked it up during the anniversary sale for cheaper. If you’re interested, I’d wait until the next sale if you want a deal!

These bedskirts are a must-have. It completely covers alllllll of the junk-y looking drawers and fridge underneath. With these, it makes the room look a lot less cluttered, and definitely less dorm-like, which is the goal!


VSCO Cam-4-1.jpgI wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my wall space until I moved in. I was lucky in that my assigned side had a full wall to decorate, and I decided to do a photo wall. I just got a bunch of pictures printed and used photo mount double sided tape to hang them in an interesting pattern. The “And so the Adventure begins” sign was a TJ Maxx find. Even though you may not be able to find the same one at your local location, TJ’s is a great place for unique and cute wall decor! I also got the key holder piece from there. I love this for keeping track of my keys and jackets! My best friend made the awesome shadowbox collage on the end of the wall. It’s the best and is so sweet!

IMG_5016.JPGI also had a little wall space next to my closet, which I deemed my “gallery wall”. Here I have a sorority sign from my Mom, and a separate print from my hometown. The frame is from TJ Maxx though! This little over-crowded cork board is from the dollar spot at Target. I love the white trim and its been a great place for little notes and cards. The bottom painting was a grad gift from one of my very artistic friends!


VSCO Cam-2-2.jpgI love how my desk area turned out. I bought this shelf from someone who had used it before me, and I like the shape and shelving. All of the black and white signs as well as the wooden K and “you got this” are from TJ Maxx. That’s always been my go to location for inspirational signs! They’re always SO good! The “you go girl” sign actually lights up and is from Target (I couldn’t find them online, but you can try stores!). I also put another one of those square cork boards from the dollar spot on the wall. All of the picture frames are also (you guessed it!) from TJ Maxx. The “class of 2017” and small “Virginia” ones were grad gifts.

VSCO Cam-5-1.jpgThe huuuuuge wooden Virginia sign is from Etsy. I LOVE it! My mom found it and the company makes all 50 states! I love the texture and the size. It is really heavy though, so I couldn’t hang it with command strips but it works well on this desk shelf!

My lamp and the small blue bins were from target also. I found the link to the lamp base (I just put a white simple shade on top) and it’s on SALE! It’s the perfect size and provides a good amount of light. I love having that small mirror from TJ’s for doing my makeup. I have a triple pencil cup that I also use as makeup brush storage from Target. I just recently got that white bin from TJ Maxx since I always had a pile of stuff accumulating on the side of my desk. This way when I need more space its easy to move, and it looks a little cuter than a random pile of stuff! But, more on storage in the next section. 🙂

My seat cushion was another really sweet gift. They found the same pattern as my headboard and had it custom made!! It’s so cute, and really nice to have. Without it these seats are so uncomfortable!


VSCO Cam-2-3.jpgStorage is a very important part of dorm decor, and I think I’ve found a huge tip to help: BINS, BINS, BINS!!! Before going to school, I had SO many bins from TJ Maxx and Target. My mom told me I was never going to use all of them, but I did and they help me stay really organized! I use bins in my messy and not pictured closet for my hair tool, shoe and towel storage. I also use bins under my bed for different sweat shirts and cleaning supplies.

I love having a bin that I use for k-cup storage underneath my coffee maker. That was a great TJ Maxx find! I also love having this desk bin. That’s made my desk feel a lot less cluttered. I also have a two bin-fitting piece of furniture from Target. Here, I keep my sweatshirts and my cleaning supplies.

I also have three drawer bins from Sam’s Club (but you can find these anywhere) where I keep the majority of my snacks and other housekeeping things. These are really great, and they hold a bunch of stuff. I was lucky with my dorm to get a huge five drawer dresser that holds a lot of clothing, so I didn’t need these for clothes but I know a lot of girls who do!VSCO Cam-1-3.jpg

I tried to link as many things I could for you guys in case you were interested, but SO many of them were gone or from TJ Maxx! My rug is from Amazon and is the softest and most comfy rug ever! It also comes in a bunch of colors. I always find myself sitting on the floor and doing homework since it’s really cozy.

If you want me to try to find a link for something similar to a product that isn’t linkable, feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll be SO glad to help! Also, comment down below and let me know what your favorite piece of dorm (or regular room!) decor is. I’m always looking for new ideas! Thanks for stopping by!


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