My Favorite Beauty Products from 2017

Hi!! I know 2017 seems waaaaaay far in the past, but I decided it was still early enough into 2018 to do a roundup of my favorite beauty products from 2017. I’m planning on doing monthly roundups of favorites, so I thought I’d kick them off with this post! I found so many products this year that I’ve repurchased or recommended to my friends and family. I decided to split up this post into categories of face, eyes and lips to narrow down my favorites! All of the product names are clickable links if you’re interested in checking out more information!


I don’t wear a full face of makeup everyday of 2017, but when I did, I used all of these products! I don’t ever wear foundation, so I don’t have a favorite one of those.


My favorite two concealers (one for under eye, one for all over my face!) are awesome! I’ve used these two for the majority of the year. The First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy concealer is a game-changer. I go more in detail on how I use this and its benefits in my three product under eye circle remedy post. I also love the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer. It’s SO brightening but also has good coverage, so I use it on my under eyes and on my blemishes. I found it way before 2017, but I still kept it constant throughout the year! It’s a dupe for an Esteé Lauder concealer.


My favorite powder is the Maybelline FIT Me in the shade 230. This is such a matte powder that keeps oil away, and makes your pores appear smaller. This is an affordable product that I use allll over my face and I can’t recommend enough (and I found it on sale)!


I’ve become reliant on bronzer during my more pale months! Haha. I’ve been loving this Hoola Bronzer all year! It’s the perfect shade for when I’m pale to use to give myself a little more color, and also a great shade to use as a matte powder when I’m tan but need a boost! It’s matte, which I love, and comes in a smaller tester size you can find here if you don’t want to commit to the full size.


Benefit is one of my all time favorite brands. SO many of their products are amazing! This blush has been a staple for me forever. The Hervana blush from Benefit is the perfect natural blush shade. The packaging is so cute, and the product lasts forever! This blush shade would work on so many skin tones. It’s perfect!


Eyeshadow for me is fun, but stressful. I always feel like I’m gonna mess up! For reference, my go to eye look is a simple shimmer on the lid with liner and mascara.


Eyeshadow primer is the product you never know you need until you use it. I cannot stress enough how much my makeup life has changed since I started using the MAC Painterly Paint Pot!!! This is top three best makeup products I’ve found of. all. time. It’s amazing. It keeps your eyeshadow in place, but at the same time I wear it on its own just to get my oily and veiny eye lids to be one shade. This product is the best!!


Like I said, I tend to stay away from dark eye shadows. That’s why I love this NARS eye shadow duo in Alhambra. These shadows are so pigmented, and with this duo I’ve found I can make a lot of looks. I can use each on its own, blend the two together, make an ombre style look or put the champagne shade on my lid with the gold in my crease. If you’re more drawn towards sparkle shades, this is the duo for you!


I’ve always been bad at eyeliner. I still am. But, this Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Bourbon makes it SO easy, and it looks SO good. The shade is awesome! It is a dark brown with golden shimmers which looks less harsh than black. This year, I tried to get more into liner and this product helped so much! It really does glide on sooooooo smoooooooth.


Mascara is my number one product. If I’m wearing any makeup at all, I’m always wearing mascara. I really feel like it can change your entire look, and I’ve tried so many over the years! The Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is amazing. It makes your lashes look so good! Over 2017, I repurchased it multiple times. But, I understand its pricy, and in December I found a dupe for it in the L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara. The lash paradise is very similar if you don’t want to splurge, but the Too Faced one is hard to completely replicate!


I’ve been pretty steady with this lip combo for the majority of 2017! I’m really simple when it comes to lips!! I’m always a fan of a good nude.


I found the NYX Lip Liner in Nude Beige this year and it’s awesome! The color is a great nude, it lasts for a long time and it glides on super easy. It’s a great base for lipstick. I recommend these liners in any shade! This shade is my favorite though.


I found a baby sized MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick in the Ulta checkout line last summer and I’ve been obsessed ever since! I love the color and it goes on so smooth. It is a matte lipstick which can be a little touchy, but if you follow it with a gloss it’s perfect.


This was a little harder to narrow down, since I find myself changing up glosses more than any other lip product. But, my go-to always is the NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Madeline. This gloss is SO smooth and silky, stays forever and is such a good shade. I’d repurchase again and again!

I’m so glad I was able to share my favorite products of 2017 here on the blog. Let me know in the comments what your go-to products were from 2017!!!! I’d love to get more suggestions to try in 2018. Thanks for stopping by!






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    1. It’s SO worth the splurge! And sometimes it gets clumpy towards the end of its 3 month life, but if you add a drop of eye drops it brings it back to life!!!


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