The BEST Way to Get Rid of Under Eye Circles!!!!

Hi!!! We’ve allllll had those nights where we’ve stayed up too late studying, or gone out to late, or (more popularly for me) a Netflix marathon that lasted a few episodes too long. After realizing my under eye circles needed to be under control, I developed this three-product remedy to get rid of those pesky purple bags!

This first product is a First-Aid Beauty concealer that is a game changer. It’s called the “Eye Duty Triple Remedy”, and you can find it here or in stores at Ulta or Sephora. I actually found this product after I had a tubing accident at the end of last summer. I ended up having an awful black eye days before I left for school and recruitment. I walked into Ulta and told them that no matter what the price, I was leaving here with the best product to de-puff and color correct underneath my eye!!! She directed me to this product, in the shade fair/medium, and I’ve used it ever since!!

First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy – Shade fair / medium

I squeeze some of this onto my finger and I dab it underneath my eyes. Then I take the cooling metal side of the applicator and spread the product around. This metal part is always so cold and immediately decreases puffiness, and the product itself has pinky undertones, specifically to target the purply-blue color of under eye circles. I’ll usually take a small beauty blender (I have off brand ones from TJ Maxx) or use my ring finger to dab it in afterwards.

I follow that product with a brightening concealer I found at Target. I’ve used this Maybelline “Dream Lumi Touch Concealer” for years now. You can find it here, or at any drugstore, Target or Ulta. It’s so good at brightening and has good coverage, so it adds the extra brightness that my under eyes need in the morning!!! I just crank this up a bit and brush it under my eyes and blend it in with my mini sponge or my finger. I also use this concealer on my blemishes and it works really well! I have the shade Medium.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer – Shade Medium

I find that this concealing duo works well to conceal, but I always use a powder to set it all. My favorite is the Maybelline “FIT Me” Powder in the shade 230. You can find it here, or at any drugstore, Target or Ulta. I LOVE this powder. My best friend Savannah told me about it a couple years ago and I always come back to it! For my under eyes, I actually just use the sponge it comes with. I’ve found that dabbing it straight from that sponge allows for good coverage and a matte finish that doesn’t look too powdery. I also use this all over my face with a big fluffy brush!!

Maybelline FIT Me Powder – Shade 230, Natural Buff

I hope that this post was helpful. I use this three-product method every time that I wear makeup, and I swear by it! Thanks for stopping by.


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