Welcome to Katie Georges

Hi!!!! My name is Katie and welcome to Katie Georges. 

I’m currently a freshman attending Auburn University and have followed SO many blogs over the past few years. After going through my first semester (and hitting many bumps along the way), I realized that there was such a need for a place where people can come together to talk about their own college and life experiences to help others while still sharing beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips. So, I created one.

I decided to simply name my blog my name: Katie Georges. This is a space centered around sharing my stories and experiences and am hoping it becomes a good place for others as well.

Before going to Auburn, I wasn’t able to find many blog sites from college perspectives that covered day-to-day college life and beauty and fashion, so that’s my plan for my blogFeel free to navigate through my College Life, Style and Beauty tabs to see categorized views of alllllll my posts!

I have SO many ideas for upcoming posts and ways to make this site one of a kind. Thank you for tagging along!


Taken with my friend Claire at an Auburn football game!!! My dress is Free People.


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