My First Semester: an Overview

Hi!! If you read my “About Me” page on my site, then you already know that I’m a freshman at Auburn University (if not, you can check out that page here!). I really want to make this blog, Katie Georges, a place where I’m able to share my own college experiences in hopes of helping other people who may be going through similar things, and create a community where we can all freely share; therefore, I’ve deiced to share an overview of my first semester.

As an out of state student (originally from Virginia), I knew I was going to face challenges of homesickness and be forced to make new friends in a place where I had none. I was actually the only person from my small, private high school to attend Auburn, and one of two from my area, so I was really going in on my own.

Sneak peek of my dorm!!!! I’m planning to do a full dorm post when I get back to school!!!

I connected with a girl through mutual friends to be roommates, but since I decided to go to Auburn so late and submitted housing forms wayyyy past when everyone else did, we got split up and I got placed with a random roommate (I did make plans to later switch to be with my original request). Let me preface by saying that I know many people have random roommates and they work out just fine and are livable, but for me, this girl was not a good fit. I was in an upperclassman dorm, so she was a year older and had a boyfriend who turned into her fiancé two weeks into the semester. After visits every few days (I’ll spare you of the details), and some really awkward encounters and conversations, she eventually moved out to be with him and left Auburn. Soon after, the girl I was originally supposed to be with bailed, and I was stuck alone for the first semester of my freshman year.

SO many people tell me how lucky I was, which I agreed with most of the time. But, when  you’re coming from out of state not knowing anyone, it can be difficult to not have a roommate who is usually your first friend and go to for dinner dates and Target runs. I struggled with being alone a lot, but I was lucky to find two of the best friends I’ve made in college so far living down the hall. Ally & Claire are two of the nicest people I know and really made my experience so much better.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Go KD!!!! Me and another girl in my sorority from my hometown. You can find my sunglasses here.

I also rushed at the beginning of the fall semester. I’m planning to do a whoooooole post on my recruitment experience, advice and outfit ideas, but I ended up receiving and accepting a bid from Kappa Delta, which was really exciting! Bid day was definitely a highlight of my experience, and I would highly recommend going through recruitment if you’re on the fence! Joining a sorority helped the huge campus at Auburn feel a lot smaller, and allowed me to meet some really great girls I wouldn’t have met before. But, at the same time, there weren’t many girls from out of state in my pledge class and many people tended to hangout with people from their hometown (which I would’ve done if I went somewhere close to home), so making friends didn’t come as easy as I expected it to.

Academically, I made sure to take an easy schedule my first semester, since I knew I would be busy adjusting and trying to be social and didn’t want to be too stressed out with school at the same time. I actually ended up in bowling class which was SO much fun!!! My team ended up being first place!!! But otherwise, college tests are definitely different than high school ones, in terms of material, length, and weight. I’m hoping to eventually do a study tips post or one more focused on how to adapt to college level exams.

To be completely honest, I’m going into my second semester with hope, nerves and anxiety. I really hope that these next few months are full of fun and friendships, and are more enjoyable than my first four. I’m extremely nervous and anxious. As I type, my newest random roommate is moving her stuff into the dorm, and doesn’t seem to have plans on moving out like my prior one. I just know how hard being so far away is now, and I’m hoping my lows get smaller and my highs get higher. But, at the same time, I’m trying to be positive, and any positive energy is greatly appreciated!

I’m looking forward to focusing a lot of my energy towards my site and building it to be a positive and fun space. Stay tuned!


A couple of my sorority sisters and I at formal. My dress is olllldddd from Nordstrom.

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